Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.  Aurelius

You don't need money to experience pleasure in life. Simple pleasures are some of life's greatest gifts and they are free... or nearly free! Even children will enjoy these simple moments though I am planning on another list of simple pleasures to do with children and grandchildren.

I  left out activities that some might think would require work, though I would consider them a simple pleasure. Like baking homemade bread, for example. So that is a different list also!

I think this is a list that most will find simple but enjoyable pleasures in the summer. My suggestion is to intentionally do one or more of these every day in the summer. They involve all the senses...sight, sound, taste, touch, smell.

So put down your electronics. Get ready to use all your senses. Prepare to be in the moment. And focus on enjoying the simple things in life. Let the moment of pleasure soak into your memory file to be brought up later when you need to remember a simple but pleasant moment in time. Smile as you soak in this moment, letting the pleasant feeling flow over and into you. Fill your heart with gratitude for this simple moment.

Here are your 25 Simple Summer Pleasures to enjoy this summer:

1) Listen to the songs of birds in your yard. Find a place to relax in your yard while you listen away for the songs of different birds.

2) Listen to the rain pitter-pattering away while you take a nap. Doesn't get any better than that!

3) Enjoy an ice cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot sunny day. Yum! Cooling and refreshing!

4) Enjoy fresh clean sheets on your bed. Bury your face in the wonderful scent!

5) Have a good old belly laugh...laugh until you cry. Laughter is like medicine. It will help cure many ailments. Find things to laugh about. Some old memories still make me  laugh hysterically! Every time I need a good laugh I bring up the memory.

6) Relax in your favorite spot while listening to your favorite soothing music. Open a window and let others outside enjoy a bit of it as well.

7) Find a place where you can listen to water rippling or waves washing ashore, either from a brook, river, lake, or even a water fountain. Water is soothing to listen to. Close your eyes and just listen and be calmed by the sound of it.

8) Find a day to sleep in, while a breeze blows gently in your window. Breathe in the fresh air.

9) Sit outside on a warm sunny afternoon ( on a porch, hammock, or deck ) and take in the beauty of nature that is around you. If you need to go to a park or wooded area, that will work also. Really see ( as if for the first time) the beauty of nature in the trees, leaves, squirrels, birds, etc.

10) Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Be in the moment and enjoy all your surroundings. Greet your neighbors.

11) Make some of your favorite flavored  ice cream and enjoy eating with your spouse. Add sprinkles.

12) Spray lavender scented spritzer on your pillows and sheets. The scent of lavender helps in falling asleep.

13) Eat an ice cream cone with your favorite ice cream. Savor each lick!

14) Pick berries to eat, either from your own yard or a berry farm.

15) Light your favorite scented "summer" candle and enjoy the wonderful scent.

16) Read a good book in your favorite outdoor relaxing spot.

17) Roast some marshmallows and make some good old s'mores to enjoy.

18) Indulge in a magazine that you enjoy reading. Read in a hammock if possible. If you get too relaxed, let yourself fall asleep.

19) Watch a sunset in the evening. Marvel in the beauty of it.

20) Pick some flowers to bring inside and enjoy in your home. Even one simple stem will do.

21) Go for a walk and enjoy the flowers in your neighborhood. ( Don't pick them! )

22) Lay down in the grass and look up at the clouds floating by. Make sure you have someone with you to help you up if necessary. Be thrilled if you can get up by yourself!

23) Invite a friend over for a glass of cold refreshing iced tea and enjoy it outdoors.

24) Start your morning looking out a sunny window and doing some stretches to get your body limbered up for the day. After you're done it will feel awesome!

25) Have your cup of coffee, or fresh squeezed orange juice outside in the morning. Enjoy the start of a new day on a beautiful sunny morning out of doors. Notice the fresh scent of the morning air.

These are simple pleasures that we often take for granted. Or we do them without really being in the moment and the pleasure in them goes unnoticed. I hope you take time to let the moment fill you with joy and learn to appreciate even these little things. And then, add your own list!

Soak in the moments!     Sandy


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